Here’s why selling your home this winter may benefit you considerably.

This time of year, people commonly ask me if they should wait to sell until the spring. People move during the winter; real estate doesn’t change that much during the colder months. There are many reasons to sell in the wintertime. 

First of all, right now, interest rates are still very low, so buyers are out looking for homes despite the weather. The even better news is, the buyers who are out now are more motivated; they have a reason to buy now. Secondly, if everyone has the mindset of waiting until spring to sell, then they’ll all put their houses on the market in the springtime and the inventory will greatly increase. So listing your property now means you have less competition and therefore a better chance of getting a higher price for your home.

“Real estate doesn’t change that much during the colder months.”

Thirdly, multiple companies have indicated that they’ll be hiring in the area after the new year, so we’ll be seeing an influx of people moving here. We also have a slew of people moving here from other states who don’t want to deal with snow, high taxes, and regulations that are present in other states. 

So if your family needs a larger house, a smaller house, space for multiple generations to live together, or something your current property lacks (like a home office), now’s a wonderful time to move. People move for a variety of reasons, so no matter what yours is, it’s an excellent time.

Whether you want to move now, in the spring, or have any questions, feel free to give me a call or send an email. Let’s get started - it’s not too soon. I would love to help you.