Here’s how you can support your community by buying cookies!

It’s Girl Scout Cookie time! If you’ve been driving around town, I’m sure you’ve seen Girl Scout Cookie booths. Throughout March, these cookies will be sold, but only as long as supplies last! 

Everyone knows these cookies are delicious, but they’re good for more than just our taste buds. Each box sold funds Girl Scout programs in your local community. The money stays local and goes towards essential things like training, staffing, office space, and more. 

The cookies directly support the girls as well. It pays for camping trips and troop activities, but it also helps girls who might not be able to afford the program otherwise. Girl Scouts has scholarship programs for those in need, and it’s all thanks to the cookie money. 

“I was a girl scout when I was a child, and I’m very passionate about the contribution they made to my life. ”

Girl Scouts are a great community-building program, but they do more than that. They also help girls build necessary skills, such as goal setting. In the program, the girls set their own goals and design plans to meet them. They also learn decision making. They work as a group to decide where to sell and how to market their cookies. Another important skill they learn is money management. They also gain personal skills by interacting with everyday people in their sales. Finally, they learn business ethics. They have to be honest with the money they earn in their groups. 

My favorite new cookies from this year are Adventurefuls. Unfortunately, they’re selling like crazy, so they may be difficult to find. They’re brownies with salt and caramel fillings, and they’re delicious. Of course, if you can’t find them, you can always buy Thin Mints. They’ve been a staple for generations, and I always look forward to buying a box or two. If you or someone you know is gluten intolerant, they now have gluten-free options as well, so there’s a Girl Scout Cookie for everyone. 

I highly recommend you go out and support your local troop by buying some cookies. If you’ve already bought more than you can eat, you can always buy a box to donate to our military overseas. I was a girl scout when I was a child, and I’m very passionate about the contribution they made to my life.  

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